Why We Need Symbolic Signs and Meanings

The message was shared in a movie, “There are signs everywhere”, as the character sees all around a reminder of the love he was walking away from, beckoning him to look more deeply into his own heart and choose his next step. We see signs every day, not just the ones that tell us to stop or yield, but those that seem to be woven into the natural world yet seem so personally directed to our own inner world.

Reading the signs

Signs and symbolic meaning have been a staple in our diet of learning since the beginning of time. One sign I enjoy seeing is the red sky at twilight, telling me that tomorrow will be another beautiful day. Signs give us clues as to what we can expect next, giving us a feeling that we are more empowered than the rocks, trees and animals.

There are signs everywhere

Is this true? Could there be some invisible force that guides us? What can be seen is not the only level of existence. Have you ever been in a room with someone who without saying a single word makes you feel uncomfortable? In the same vein there are those people who we gravitate to, the ones we cannot help but reach out to, even without any signals or indications in our typical physical way.

If our thoughts and our overall feeling within ourselves transmits so easily to those around us, who’s to say that the only way we communicate is with our words? We have the ability to translate the subtle signs around us into something of meaning.

We need our symbolic signs so that we can exercise our ability to rationalize and think things through. Think of signs as the chalkboard in front of you, a place where you bounce off ideas that help you interpret the many strings of thoughts within your mind.

Why We Need Symbolic Signs and Meanings. About the author: Learn more about signs, symbolism, and intuitive meaning in nature expressed through White Sage Smudging.

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