Ways To Feel Better About The Holidays

“How can I feel better about the holidays?” The holiday season is here, and feelings are mixed in so many ways. In this time of busy lives we sometimes forget to take the time for connecting. We could go so far as to say we’re even forgetting how to connect with those around us. How do we go about bringing the soul back into our holiday spirit?

Taking Time For The Holidays

Let’s go back in time and linger for a moment on the purpose of holidays. It was not so much the symbolic meaning of the day, though that did give us a great sense of purpose outside our ourselves.

The word holiday is indeed a transition from holy days. Holidays cannot help but be connected to the spirit or soul, based on the history of holidays. But there is one underlying tone that made holidays and holy days so distant: times were hard, life was difficult, and the focus turned to the afterlife. “You may not have it today, but think of your imortal soul”. We could follow that with those popular lyrics, “The sun will come out.. tomorrow”.

Holidays are for the Here and Now

Many learned to have faith, hope, and live a life that supported their eternal life. But that was not enough, people still needed a break, a chance to have a little bit of joy and a slice of the good life. Holidays have always been a way to step out of all the hard work of day to day living and collectively relax, enjoy, smile, and be merry.

Let’s remember to take that “breather”, to celebrate our accomplishments as well as our blessings. Giving our best always starts at home, and that means letting ourselves be aware of the good things that have come our way, even appreciating ourselves for our commitment and hard work.

Holidays Are Community Events

Many of us live in such large, diverse areas that the sense of community has become fragmented. Luckily there are many events and opportunities to take part is the diversity around us and connect outside our usual circle.

  • Community events like tree lightings, school plays, even gift bazaars where you can support small businesses, artists and crafters.
  • Music events are a great way to inspire the soul and relax.
  • Volunteering is a way to share with others and give to our community

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