Ten Steps Toward 11 11 11

The date 11-11-11 will arrive in only a heartbeat, and many wonder what significance the date 11-11-11 means. Is it about the world changes, the Mayan calendar, our politics and economy or all of the above? The number-one question asked: “Will the date 11-11-11 mean anything to me?”

A Ten Day Countdown to 11-11-11

11-11-11 meaning; what does it mean?There are 10 days left till the date 11-11-11. If we turn to the significance of numbers this prime number has been seen as an important number, able to withstand the typical numerology practice of combining numbers when there are more than one digit.

As far as our superstitious side, we can be grateful that our calendar stops at twelve months so we don’t have to delve into the meaning of 13-13-13, especially if that day fell on a Friday!

11 11 11 – What Will We Make It?

Let’s face it, this date, 11-11-11, is just a bunch of one’s. It’s called the binary date by some. What is a one? It could be viewed as primal, basic, a beginning, or seen as the selfishness of individuality. Is it the ego? No, the ego cannot be related to the number one, even though it’s thinking of oneself. The ego always compares, so for the ego to exist it must have something other than itself.

What does the number 11 mean?

I’ve not spent as much time in traditional numerology as I have in the Mayan 13-day count, and as I have intuitively channeled stories of the Mayan calendar and its meaning as it relates to our lives. I’ve come to a stronger understanding of both our lives and our evolution in viewing the meaning and significance of a 13 day count. Life is more than monetary gain, it goes far deeper into enrichment and spiritual growth, what we pass on as our wisdom.

Life – Evolution – and 11 11 11

Isn’t that the key, to find meaning in our lives? We focus most of our time on the day-to-day world, but within the stillness of our minds there is a need to connect those dots, to find an inner-global meaning for our own life and life itself. Are we growing and changing? Is there such a thing as evolution within a lifetime?

Seeing 11 11 11 as the Bigger Picture

We have that challenge within life to think both of ourselves but also think of others and the greater good. If we took the binary focus on 11 11 11, being just a bunch of one’s, and created a relationship between the number one and the number eleven, could the number 11 mean “the greater good” or the “oneness”?

The Meaning of 11-11-11

Is there some generic one-size-fits-all meaning to the date 11-11-11? Perhaps not, other than as a shiny-object that caught our attention and made us think. But like any of our thoughts and our ability to connect some symbol or event with meaning we can make it whatever we choose. Look at 9-11 and the impression burned so deeply within our consciousness.  Let’s not leave it to others to create our perceptions and beliefs, let’s instead take our own initiative to create a deeply rooted meaning that will lift our consciousness and restore our souls.

Ten Steps Toward 11 11 11 © 2011 Estee Taschereau.

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