What Does My Birthdate Mean? Mayan Birthday

What does my birthdate mean? We think it’s a coincidence, the day we are born, after all, we didn’t really have any choice, or did we? Some believe that what happens in life is outside our control, that the only control we have is how we react. Others believe that there are no mistakes, no coincidences, that everything has a purpose.  We could take it a step further if we’re bold enough, and say that everything in life is here to serve us, and we to serve life. That tips us into the arena of finding meaning in our days, which can be seen and found in the Mayan Birthday.

The Mayan Calendar – Your Birthdate Has Meaning

The Mayan Tzolkin calendar is a very old calendar, but it was full of meaning and purpose. Did you know that they Mayans felt that the day you were born was directly tied to the skills you have in life?  Your Mayan birthday is empowerment based, focused on your strongest ability.

In the Mayan Tzolkin calendar there are twenty symbols called glyphs. By definition a glyph is a picture. Each glyph has a meaning, and over the past 5 years I have invested a great deal of my metaphysical skills into seeing and understanding the soul-based meaning of each of those symbols or glyphs. It doesn’t stop there, for there are also 13 different levels that can be achieved by each glyph. Add it all together and there are 260 different combinations. Funny, 260 days is just about the time it takes for a human baby to develop before birth.

Happy Birthday – Finding Our Own Meaning

The two go hand in hand. We have the human side: development of the human psyche, the abilities we have, the skills we develop and the contributions we make. On the other side we have the Mayan Tzolkin calendar, 260 days that each hold meaning, value, and purpose. We work our entire life to find the meaning of life and strive to make a contribution. How do we achieve that? By developing our skills to the best of our ability, and applying what we have learned in our day-to-day life.

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