How Thoughts Like “This Sucks” Can Undermine Or Heal

Have you ever been in a situation where you couldn’t really speak your mind, but under the surface you thought, “This sucks“? Those types of situations can occur in just about any part of life, and the dividing line between building and breaking is within our own hands in how we deal with our own thoughts on the matter.

Intuitively Dealing With Stress

Thoughts like “this sucks” are always statements of relationships, comparing what is happening in our environment to our own self. A thought like “this sucks” can be simple or complex. In the same respect those thoughts like “this sucks” can be a healing or a harmful toxin to our body. What decides how that thought will be used, and whether it’s a healing or harmful?

“This Sucks”

The thought “this sucks” can be very superficial, a statement of the core, basic ability of the body to say “I like this” or “I don’t”.  Fine, we either pick up and move on, or we endure the situation and accept that this situation is not one that we want to recreate. We all know the expression “live and learn”, this basic human ability is a key part of our ability to steer our future choices in a direction that makes us happy.

When “This Sucks” Goes Deeper

Sometimes our statements like “This sucks” goes unheard. This doesn’t mean shouting it out into the world, this means listening to ourselves and creating an inner dialog that is compassionate and understanding.

Feelings like “this sucks” can connect to cords of thoughts about our value, and can ignite old threads of experiences when we did not have the power to walk away. This is a very important part of dealing with “this sucks” or any other situation that tampers with our personal power. Feelings that we are being used, neglected, abused, or mistreated in any way have a physical effect on us, even when those feelings have nothing to do with our current situation. Paying attention to those thoughts, internally, can be the key to healing and empowering ourselves, not just in this moment but also for any past events.

Who’s Responsible?

Let’s face it, people can say and do some pretty raw things, and life is rarely fair. The outside world may have “started it”, but we’re responsible for our reaction and response.

Our minds can justify and think-away the feelings we have about events in our lives, only because our mind wants to protect us from further harm. We’re not just walking-minds though, we do have feelings, and we also have a consciousness that can direct and influence both the emotions and the mind.

Turn “This Sucks” Into Inner Power

This is the secret to inner-development and inner-strengthening, to turn what could be a potentially harmful stress-situation into a tool for our self-value and self-love. Pay attention to those thoughts, own them as your own and face them on the inside. You’d be surprised at how the world around you will change when you take the first step.

How Thoughts Like “This Sucks” Can Undermine or Heal © 2011 Estee Taschereau. About the author: Estee Taschereau brings over 30 years experience as a meta-living counselor and coach to her enlightening and inspiring sessions. Learn more about how you can shift into your own stream of success and happiness through the guidance of a Visionary and Healing Specialist.

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