Halloween and Trick Or Treat – Meaning for the Soul?

Ever wonder how the Halloween tradition of trick or treat came about? Why would we go door to door with our hand out, expecting each household to give us something? When did that tradition begin?

Trick or Treat

This tradition dates back to Europe centuries ago. Halloween became a time when the beggars were given permission to demand a “toll” from those passing by, and children would make house-to-house visits, asking for a piece of sailcake or “soul-cakes”. Every visitor was expected to take a soul cake, and this tradition was captured in verse:

“A Soule-cake, a Soule-cake, have mercy on all Christen soules for a Soule-cake.”

halloween all saints day

Halloween – The Eve

Halloween is the eve of All Saints Day, and is followed by All Souls Day, a day in which souls can be released from their own purgatory.

Perhaps this act of giving and receiving that we know as trick or treat may not have the same meaning now that it had in earlier times, but trick or treating could be seen as a time when we connect soul-to-soul, sharing what we have and giving inspiration for the long winter months to come.

When it comes to the souls and saints, it’s more about the Treat. The trick, that is a whole other story.

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