What is the Meaning of Core Value?

What are core values? In our search for that middle ground that allows us our individual beliefs and purpose while maintaining our relationship with the world around us we are always faced with situations that ask us to compromise. Where we go from there is a not always a matter of choice, for we build a subtle inner-compass based upon our core values.

What is the Meaning of Core Value?

The best method I have found for finding our own answers is to define what something means both in the words and in the underlying meaning. Our lives give us common understandings and beliefs, but since we each have a different perpective and a variety of experiences we will always see things “through our own eyes”.

These are the questions that can be asked on the topic of Core Values:

  • What do we mean by core? Does this mean conditioning, or is it something that is naturally borne and expressed through our soul?
  • When we talk about value what system do we use to measure? We can weigh a pound of beans but how do we begin to measure the value of a person? Do we measure by their contributions, their life, or their “being” or spirit?

Core Values – Getting Right Down to the Heart of the Matter

The term “core value” has been around for a long time. I’ve seen it used in scouting, and I spent my share of evenings both at my girl scout meetings as well as acting as a leader in my son’s cub scout pack. I’ve even been gifted the Extra Mile Award for my contributions to the pack. The message conveyed in receiving the award was thanks for supporting the pack through the years and training the new leaders. I look back at the honors given to my mother at the time of her funeral, bringing the spotlight to her many years of dedication working with the boy scouts in their badges in religion.

Core values, is it something we can define or hold in our hands? We can look at our actions, the ideas we uphold, the contributions we make, and we only see the signature of core values within those acts. It must be of the soul, an invisible thread of purpose and passion that is woven into our everyday lives. The question is how much of our core values do we bring into our world, and how much does it illuminate the path of those who follow?

What is the Meaning of Core Value? © 2011 Estee Taschereau. Learn about your own yin and yang balance, are the two aspects working together for mutual support, or are they lingering in beliefs that no longer serve you? Schedule a spiritual reading today to learn how you can bring both aspects to the next level, so that you can walk with wings.

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