New World Maps of Edgar Cayce and 2012?

Our people have always been fascinated with theories and predictions, carrying forward that thread of humanity that is our will to survive. If known ahead of time we could possibly prevent or diminish a disaster, at least in theory. As we near 2012 a whole series of predictions have come into our focus. Is there any connection between the new world maps of Edgar Cayce, a highly respected channeler from the 20th century, with ley lines, the Georgia Guide Stone, and 2012?

The New World Maps of Edgar Cayce

One of Cayce’s offerings included predictions about changes to the earth. One of these predictions was Japan becoming submerged, and while recent events did not take the entire country the events with the earthquake and tsunami did have a devastating effect.

Other changes have been predicted, including major changes to the U.S., with a portion of the west coast disappearing as well as the east coast, and the midwest becoming more of an island.

The Georgia Guide Stone

These stones have a stonehenge-like presentation and a message engraved within the stones. It is rumored that the people associated with the stones and the messages they contain, and the pseudo-name given by the man who ordered the stones to be created in 1979 is tied to the 15th century secret society of the Rosicrucians.

Ley Lines – No Fault of our Own

There is no mistake that many ancient pyramids, churches, and government structures were built on ley lines, creating a vortex of power centers within a vortex of energy lines created by the earth. Is there a connection between ley lines and the earth’s plates that shift disruptively to reshape the earth?

A Theory To Connect Ley Lines and the New World Maps

What will happen next is to be seen, and we know that not every prediction comes true, or perhaps more accurately, not every prediction is accurately interpreted. It is known that the poles are shifting, and many other subtle changes are occurring within the earth. Just how this will affect us today and tomorrow must wait until its day.

New World Maps of Edgar Cayce and 2012? shared by Video: Edgar Cayce and The Georgia Guide Stone Connection

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