Fall Equinox 2011 – How Do You Find Balance?

Today is the fall equinox, one of two days of the year when night and day are equal. In olden days any celebration focused on events in nature, and the equinox was one sure thing, a measure of time long before the calendar existed. Looking back at those days most everyone worked long, hard days with little to show for their labor. Celebrations were created to raise spirits, to give a break from the everyday hardships.

The Equinox and Honor

There were many cultures in which the earth itself was honored, and the times when those celebrations took place was timed by some natural event, such as the two equinox and the two solstices. Equality and extremes. The changing of the seasons. Can we apply the simplicity of honoring the earth in these present times?

One of the most simple and basic things we get from giving honor to the earth is realigning ourselves. We need no training to do this, only our own desire and suggestions to our consciousness.

Equinox Healing

In this moment we can calm our mind and listen to the heartbeat of the earth, and whether we “hear” anything or not we do get a mega-dose of “here”. When we allow ourselves that shift we have the opportunity to bring more of our attention, focus, and energy into the here and now. What a great gift to give to our physical-self, and what an amazing healing for our body-spirit relationship.

The fall equinox, also known as the vernal equinox, is a shifting of our daylight as well as a celestial equator. It is the time of the harvest, and it is the gateway to autumn. The earth is in transition and those changes will be seen in the days to come. From an intuitive perspective we too are in transition, and it serves us to take the time to rebalance and restore for body, mind, and spirit.

Fall Equinox 2011 – How Do You Find Balance? © 2011 Estee Taschereau. About the author: Estee offers clarity mentoring and inner conflict resolution services to clients around the world so that they can restore and improve the balance within their lives. Sessions are available internationally, by appointment, via phone or Skype.

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