Keeping The Aura Clean With Salt And Water

Do you find yourself attracting negative situations and energy? If so, it may be time for an aura cleansing. Just like an energetic protective field, your aura is able to protect you and shine your auric light. While walking into a room, this energetic field can be felt by many people.

Your aura acts just like an energetic magnet. When it gets dirty, it can collect much debris and residue to the point where it is weakened. When this happens, your body is susceptible to sickness.

Why We Attract Energy Debris

Your aura could be broken down and weakened just by smoke-filled rooms and pollution. It can also be affected by computers, the Internet, cell phones, chemicals, as well as negative behaviors and thought patterns that all tend to lower your frequency.

Besides all the environmental aspects of collecting debris, our negative thought patterns are patterns that can be broken. One way of doing this is to ask for Divine assistance. The universe will guide and direct you on learning and letting go of the pattern.

Saltwater Bath keeps your Aura Clean

Salt and water cleanse and purify energetic debris naturally. Fill up a tub with warm water and dissolve two scoops of sea salt or bath salt in it. With the intention of clearing your auric field, lay in the water-filled tub to purify it. Allow yourself to enjoy the process and add candles or light music to go along with the meditative moment.

Cold Water Showers for Aura Cleansing

If you would like to cleanse your auric field quickly, a cold water bath or shower is the perfect the way to do this. It doesn’t only cleanse the energetic body, but it also does the following beneficial things:

It helps to detoxify the body. Improves the circulation. Speeds of the bodies recovery process. Boosts up energy levels in the body. Clears up patterns of negative thinking. Uplifts the mood.

Of course if you are not used to showering in cold water, it may feel slightly uncomfortable. Try getting used to it and build up a tolerance in order to reap all the enjoyable benefits!

Keeping The Aura Clean With Salt And Water. About the author: Kenya is the creator of the online site Psychic Jazz and focuses on providing clients and students ways to empower their lives. She has developed the free guide Psychic Awareness 101. For more information about the chakras, her Squidoo page 100 Tips For Chakra Balancing & Clearing.

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