The Shift of 11-11-11 Begins Within – Starting Now

Don’t you love those serendipitous moments, you know, those ‘happy mistakes’ in life? Yesterday I don’t know what inspired me to add a countdown timer to the Mayan Daily Insights site, and while my thoughts were focused on 2012 my heart focused on 11-11-11. How ironic that it is 90 days away. The great part about all this is that our ability to plan and think ahead gives us the power to shift our world with the power of one embedded in 11. The shift of 11-11-11 begins within – starting now.

90 Days till 11-11-11

What can we do numerically with 90 days? We can learn something new, and practice to make that new skill a pattern or habit. What does this do? It creates new pathways in the brain, exercising that grey matter muscle just like a good workout will tone our red muscles.

90 Days = 10 x 9

I’ve been a professional spiritual counselor for over 30 years, and can add another 10+ years of experience having begun my studies in my childhood. These past 10 years have been a time of expansion, but not in the way many people think. Over the past 6 years I have studied and translated many spiritual teachings in the Mayan calendar into everyday words for our enrichment today. I’ve seen the story of our spiritual evolution taken beyond numerology, connecting the Mayan calendar in both glyph and tone. The time has come to share what I have learned, and to help others realign their own path and purpose.

The number 9 in numerology is a spiritual number. Grouped with 10 we have the combination of spirit creating on a level that is enriching and fulfilling for three very different levels: body, mind, and spirit. Which level do you serve? Where is your passion level, and does it translate into the workings of the mind, emotion, and physical experience without causing distress or conflict? Is our point of creation the stopping point? Where does it lead us to, that next step?

11-11-11 Begins Within – Starting Now

What do we do with these 90 days between now and the date 11-11-11? This is where our faith comes in, our ability to step aside while being both the catalyst and the recipient. The energy shift that is happening now, leading into and beyond the number 11-11-11, is happening on the subtle yet very influential levels of our higher consciousness.

Spirit Always Precedes

The spirit always precedes the physical appearance, just like the number nine precedes the number 10. The question now is what will you make of it? How influential do you want to be in your own life in the days to come? This shift is a big one, and it is fully orchestrated. Now is the time for us to prepare ourselves on those subtle levels, even when we do not know what it all means or how the days to come will unfold. Do we choose to take our seat in the orchestrated space that awaits us, or choose to turn away humming yet another rendition of “three blind mice”?

Not a single one of us is truly blind or detached from our current stream of evolution, it only appears that way when we invest the majority of our consciousness in the day-to-day world perspective. We have many levels of consciousness, and we heighten our ability for success when we bridge the gap between those levels. How do we plan those steps, integrating the many aspects of self? How do we self-orchestrate so that every level is playing the same tune?

90 Day Spiritual Presence Program

During these 90 days between 8/13/11 and 11/11/11 I am offering my services as a guide to your integration of body, mind and spirit so that you have a greater understanding not just of the steps you are taking but I also offer you a look into the soul-driven foundation that brings it all together.

Life doesn’t come together for us, we come together within ourselves and life joins us readily with great enthusiasm. This is the 90 day challenge. Call to schedule now. You can begin at any time, even with your 90 days overlapping the 11-11-11 date.

How To Start the 90 Day Spiritual Presence Program

Use the contact form here at to initiate contact. Since this is a one-to-one program there are limited spaces available. $1500 includes Mayan life empowerment profile, a soul-plan session to bring light into the steps that follow, a day 30 session to clear and shift to the next level, a day 60 refocus session to clarify and acknowledge the shifts, and a 90 day transformation integration session to recognize in words your expression of spirit in this world.

An additional $300 gives you the empowerment toolbox of powerful energy release and restoration techniques that I personally use in my daily restoration and refocus. These tools are made available to you step-by-step in video and audio so that you can replay them at any time.

The Shift of 11-11-11 Begins Within – Starting Now © 2011 Estee Taschereau.

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