Can You Survive a Mercury Retrograde?

In 2011, Mercury will go into retrograde three times. The first was on March 30, the second time will be on August 2 and the third and final time this year it will happen on November 23. Batten down the hatches, especially in the communications department. Mercury’s retrogrades this year promise to have a punch which can last quite a while.

The Meaning of Mercury Retrograde

It should be noted that the term” retrograde” refers to a planet’s motion appearing to go backwards through a given astrological sign. While planets do not actually rotate “backwards”, the relationships between the Earth and the planets create this kind of astrological configuration. The time period of a retrograde can run between three to four weeks. The April 18th retrograde went “direct” on April 23rd, at 6:37 p.m. This particular retrograde occurred in the sign of Taurus.

Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods

In Mythology Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, carried messages from the Immortals. To the ancient Romans, he also was the God of Commerce. When Roman and Greek cultures merged in roughly the 4th century B.C., Mercury became associated with the Greek deity, Hermes with the same aspects and images. In astrology, Mercury denotes communication in all forms; personal, commercial, psychical, etc., as well as, anything involving communication. Mercury also governs intelligence and the rational mind.

Mercury – When Things Go Haywire

All kinds of things can go haywire in the communications area. For example, you need to be very clear about how you say things so that you are not mis-understood. Or, you may say something that you did not mean. Likewise, you may mis-hear or not understand something coming from a co-worker which can cause you or them to feel bad. Because your computer is a form of communication, it can crash or you may get a virus.

Tips for a Mercury Retrograde

This is not a time to begin anything new, like a relationship or job. Really avoid signing any type of contract. If you must sign any legal documents, just be sure that you really read it carefully. Signing legal papers of any kind now and you may end up having to re-do them. Make sure you know what you are signing so that it does not come back to bite you later.

If you are thinking of starting that new job, if you can put it off until Mercury is moving forward again, you will find that things go much smoother than if you were to start it during the Retrograde period. But, if you want to leave that job, now is not a bad time to end it, because it will probably be permanent.

Perhaps the best course for enduring a Mercury Retrograde is to take things at a much slower pace. Pay close attention to what you say and how others react. If you feel uncertain or uncomfortable with a situation, ask questions. Ironically, sometimes reducing communication to a more basic level is precisely the way to make certain that the information gets through.

This time period brings lots of crazy things happening. Two sides can have very different takes on things being discussed. Sometimes it is hard to try and figure out what is really going on not only in the US government but also between nations. Be aware that conflicts are apt to break out in the microcosm and the macrocosm.

Live and Learn

For those weary of a Mercury Retrograde, their can be many lessons learned from them. It is probably time to slow down and go with the flow in the direction the waters are flowing. Fortunately, Mercury Retrograde only last a few short weeks before things begin moving forward at a much smoother pace.

by Lou Raedwulfe

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