The Influence Of Music On Our Brain

One of the most beautiful things which exist on earth is definitely music. Not only is it beautiful, but it is also very powerful. It has the power to connect all the existing elements in the universe – physical, spiritual and emotional. Furthermore, music has the power to connect people, too, helping them move beyond the religious, cultural or linguistic differences among them.

A World Without Music?

Most people can’t imagine living without music and there are many music genres to suit and please everybody. Music has a strong influence on us and can make us feel good or sad. Different people respond to music in different ways. While some prefer listening to classical music because it relaxes them, others are bored or annoyed with it. Studies have demonstrated that baroque classical music has a beneficial influence on people as it has the power to increase people’s concentration and ability to learn due to the fact that the brain uses both hemispheres to process music. So, it has all got to do with our brain and with the way the rhythm affects the frequency of the brain waves.

Music and Style

It is really important to select the adequate type of music to listen to. Music can influence us in good or bad ways and this has been demonstrated scientifically. Tests have been done on plants which reacted positively to slow music, such as classical music, in the sense that they grew quicker, and negatively to loud music, like rap or heavy metal, in the sense that they withered and died in the end. This happens to humans, too, and they can become depressed or furious. This disruptive behavior takes place as a consequence of the fact that the two hemispheres of the brain are not in symmetry anymore.

Music and Therapy

Due to the fact that music is really powerful, it can and should be used as therapy in the cure of several illnesses and disorders. Music can lower blood pressure and fight anxiety; it can prevent seizures and fight stress; it can treat depression and insomnia. Alzheimer or Parkinson patients have also benefited from listening to the proper type of music because their condition improved. If you play the piano, the guitar, the flute or the violin, it can boost your motivation and self-confidence. And you can use the guitar effects pedal to help your music sound better.

Different people like different music genres. Nonetheless, they all agree that music has a great influence on everything that surrounds them, influence that can be both positive and negative. It all depends on the music that they listen to.

by Jack Wogan

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