P.D. Rids You Of E.D.

Get your mind out of the gutter! We aren’t talking about the “little blue pill.” We are talking about the fact that spending time in Personal Development helps to eliminate Ego Dominance. Those who invest their time into continual growth and learning how to improve themselves always get what they want.

P.D. Rids You Of E.D.

Ego can be thought of as an exaggerated sense of self and that’s true but ego is also thinking of one’s self as distinctly different from others. We all have egos; it’s just part of being human. The primary difference is whether or not our decisions are based from ego.

Self-discovery is the destination of personal development. You might start by wanting to learn something particular, but the more you learn, the more there is to learn! It’s like the universe, ever-expanding. You’ll begin to see patterns and habits within that you did not know were present.

Seeing Similarities in Others

An indirect side effect of this process is learning about other people as well and as you do, you can identify similarities. The patterns you’ve acknowledged in yourself, you notice in others. That’s not all – you see people who are better than you are at some things and others who have not reached your level of self-development. You begin to see areas in which you were once a novice that you are now an “expert.”

Your personal development journey

As you continue your personal development journey you’ll experience yourself as neither better nor separate than anyone else. Take note that we are all at different stages of development and just as you learned what you needed to learn, when you needed to learn it, so will others. We are all reflected in each other.

The Ego Drive

In all of us there is the eternal “I”, our ego. It insures that we come first, and there’s a place for that, at the appropriate time. There’s no point in self-sacrifice at the expense of our own happiness. The ego drives ambition and creativity. It desires “more” and “better.” Some of the greatest feats in history have been driven by ego.

It is important that you don’t let your ego get in the driver’s seat and take control of your life. What we learn through personal development minimizes the control of ego on our lives.

Take the next week to implement this idea into your life and if by the end of it you don’t feel relaxed and less stressed we would be surprised. You can choose to live “easy” or “hard.” Living from the soul, from what matters most, is the “easy” way.

Take on our 1 week challenge:

At the very start, consider the fact that everyone you meet is similar to you and that we’re all connected. The paths on which we embark may be similar, but we share the same journey of self-evolvement. If you feel that you are better than someone else or if you’re inferior, remember that we’re at different places. You are ahead of them somewhere, and they’re ahead of you in others.

Take time each day to read or study something new. Improve yourself. Realize that there’s no need for competition. You don’t have to compete to feel fulfilled. Every person can reach their utmost potential and knowing this can only assist in maximizing yours. Try it. See how it feels and share with us your experiences. Utilize personal development to prevent ego dominance.

by Michael Bloxton

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