Misfortune and Meaning of 13

Today’s the 13th day of the month, and typically we look at the number 13 when it is associated with a Friday. Did you know that the origin of the unlucky look at this combination came from a battle that took place years ago, on a Friday that happened to be the 13th day of the month?

Can a number hold that much power in our lives? We’d argue that it does not, but signs have been an important part of our growth over the years. Today we speculate, and that ability to more accurately forecast is a combination of our ability to read the signs as well as our ability to predict or see future events. There is a little psychic in all of us.

The Number 13

It’s funny, as I scheduled this article I realized that it was the 26th day of June, with the number 26 meaning 13 x 2. How ironic, or is it? I don’t try to make everything a sign, but I do think that serendipitous things do happen.

While there are those who think of the number 13 as unlucky there are as many who think that the number 13 is magical. That is the belief that the Mayan’s held, that the number 13 is a magical one. After over two years of writing about the Mayan calendar and the meaning of the Mayan glyphs and tones from an intuitive and channeled perspective I see how strongly the number 13 is connected to our evolution. Fear of the number could be a subtle way of saying, “I’m not ready yet”.

Today may be lucky, or productive, or just plain happy. The number 13 doesn’t hold much charge when it stands out on its own. It’s the associations we make, and the meaning we give it that gives it life. Then again our ability to give meaning to anything is a sign that we are creative, learning, and evolving beings.

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