Body Mind and Spirit – Separate or Interwoven?

Body mind and spirit is a commonly heard phrase that is supposed to signify the completeness of our lives. The statement “body, mind and spirit” sounds great, but it does not give us any guidelines or parameters to work within so that we can actually achieve that connectivity and inner oneness. Body, Mind and Spirit, is it separate or interwoven?

Building Bridges

It is not a matter of choosing one or the other. How could we ever separate our body from our mind, or emotions from our thoughts? Our most powerful place in the world is when we combine all aspects of body, mind, emotion and spirit into a unified alliance. Yes that sounds redundant, but it is not.

A unified alliance is working together, but it goes deeper, working together with a shared vision. It is building a bridge between the density of the physical and the most subtle spark of the spirit, and connecting the many different aspects of our human experience that lies between those two.

Holistic Leadership

We cannot create that holistic alliance if we do not have clarity and enough knowledge to make the best choices. The key is to have the right leadership, and that is more easily accomplished when we calm the mind, balance the emotions, and support the body. But where is this directive coming from?  It could come from the mind, but the mind is more focused on our safety and making sense of it all. We must not forget about passion, purpose, and our spiritual evolution.

The Answer is not “Rise Above”

Many of us rev-up our energy to rise above our problems. Does this make the problem go away? How many times have you awakened in the middle of the night feeling in the midst of your problems?

We are not here to rise-above, thought that ability allows us to shift long enough to gain some perspective. The secret is to integrate both the day-to-day with the ability to rise above, in a sense it’s like you can Walk With Wings™. Finding a calm moment in the midst of our challenges is the key to solving, resolving, or renewing our perspective.

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