What is Japanese Hands-On Healing?

A Japanese Doctor rediscovered what is believed to be an ancient technique of hands on healing, over a century ago. It is a therapeutic system which has no religious basis, working simply on the human bio-electric field in a re-balancing way. Treatments may be performed on humans and other animals, and the energy works on all four levels of the body; physical, emotional and spiritual.

Universal Life Force

The Japanese name for the system means universal life force energy; the basic property of the universe. A treatment is believed to work on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, holistically re-balancing and healing the patient. A practitioner does not use up their own energy in giving a treatment, but acts simply as a conduit for the limitless energy.

While hands on healing was, in the past, largely scoffed at; it is now becoming more widely accepted. In 1995, there was over a million practitioners in the world, and now the treatments are being offered next to massages and pedicures in many health spas.

Reiki and Science

This coincides with a great change in scientific understanding; in a matter of decades science has gone from a flat denial of the human energy field to a complete certainty that human bio-fields exist and are medically important. It was in 1963 that the heart’s electromagnetic field was first measured. Physics dictates that since living tissues conduct electricity, the currents created by the brain, nerves and muscles will produce electromagnetic fields around the body.

Frequency of Healing

Practitioners must be attuned to the energetic frequencies of the system to be able to give a treatment. Just as a radio requires tuning in to the frequency of a radio station, the practitioner must be tuned in to the energetic frequencies. These frequencies are remembered for the rest of their life.

Energy Impressions

Some suggest that this is remembered in a similar way as homeopathy; in which the electromagnetic blueprint of a substance is imprinted onto water. Since the body is largely made up of water, it may be this system that picks up the frequency and remembers it just as water remembers the signals of homeopathic remedies. Interesting research has been done in this field, such as in ‘Messages in Water’, but not all scientists are convinced by the idea of water having an electromagnetic memory.

A full treatment lasts around 60-90 minutes and is suitable for anyone. In hands on healing, the energy is not projected onto the patient, but is offered. The patient takes whatever it needs, on an unconscious level; thus the therapy can never cause detrimental outcomes. It is a transformational energy that works on the past, present and future, and always leads to greater harmony and well-being.

by Kristen Gardner

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