2012 and the Words of Nostradamus

With 2012 approaching fast, the famous quatrains written by Nostradamus are drawing the deliberate debates around the globe by people seeking to understand his mysterious psychic readings or predictions. Psychics are particularly interested in his work because their clients are becoming more and more concerned as the world becomes more unstable.

One crucial point which has to be considered is the context in which Nostradamus made his psychic predictions. Using a variety of predictive methods, in his capacity as the psychic consultant for the Royal Court of France, Nostradamus focused his talents and psychic readings on those events which would impact France and its leaders. Although the predictions were made with this consideration in mind, the psychic readings of Nostradamus dealt with people and places far beyond France.

Throughout his prophecies, Nostradamus uses both verbal imagery and indirect reference to disguise the meanings of his visions. Very few dates are actually mentioned; the most famous (and most obvious) pertains to the great fire in London in 1666:

“The blood of the just will commit a fault at London, Burnt through lightning of twenty threes the six: The ancient lady will fall from her high place, Several of the same sect will be killed. ” (Century 2, Quatrain 51) Translation found on www.sacred-texts.com

Without any specific dates, it is often challenging to fully understand exactly what Nostradamus was seeing and describing. Nevertheless, many of his predictions have mirrored events far beyond his time.

Psychic advisors often use the predictions in Nostradamus’ quatrains as an analysis of events that could unfold in the future. When doing readings, his writings suggest that in order to survive, one must be diligent and prepare for an unknown set of circumstances.

The descriptions in many of Nostradamus’ most famous prophecies provide guidelines for psychics to use in seeking to answer questions relating to 2012. As online psychic sites, continue to enhance the use of 21st century technology to help psychics and clients alike, the prophetic gifts of Nostradamus will be further illuminated to provide knowledge, guidance and comfort to all who are concerned about the impact of 2012 on their lives.

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