Sharing Your Thank You and Love through Personal Journaling!

In an earlier article I shared with you some of my ideas about using a personal, hand made journal as a way to share some of your ideas and feelings. We really do need a lot more fun in our day, and if you argue with that idea you’re probably one of the people who needs it most!

Writing a personal journal is a great way to share your love with someone. This doesn’t mean just “declaring your deep felt love”, you can use a journal as a celebration or remembrance of a time shared. Here’s some ideas:

Writing a “Thank You” Journal

Giving someone a thank you book really makes a statement! It shows that you took the time, gave it your thought, and let’s them know how strong an impression they made in your life. Wow, what a way to make someone’s day so much better!

You can create a personal thank you book for a teacher, and add a different story or quote that you remember on each page. Don’t forget to start with the purpose of the book, like: “Thinks You Taught Me This Year”. Close the book as well by saying the words “thank you”, and how they helped you, personally.

Another great book idea is to give your mom or dad a book as a thank you for something special. Did they take you on a special trip? If you are going somewhere try to remember to pick up some little things along the way, like a leaf and some pictures from a camping trip. If you stop at a travel center you can ask them for something free, like a map or brochure, and then you can cut out those pictures and add them to the journal.

A Book Full of Thanks!

Journals can be so much fun, and they make great keepsakes that will brighten someone’s spirit for years to come. Want to add a little extra touch at the end of your thank you book? Get some water colors, or finger paints. Make sure you put some paper down before you do this so you don’t leave paint on places that don’t need to be painted. Pour a little bit of the paint on a plate, and lightly dip your finger or hand in the paint, then leave a fingerprint or handprint on the paper. Be sure and write your name as well so they know who gave this great gift!

Want to learn how to make your own personal journal book? See the video on the post How to Create Your Own Personal Journaling Book!

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