Precious Lavender – The Meaning and Value of Lavender

Lavender is so commonplace nowadays, and is found both in the garden and in many products. While the interest in many scents comes and goes, lavender has endured as one of our most precious essential oils.

In the days of Christ the most valued of lavender was held in such esteem that it was valued as much as precious metals. In Roman times we find many other favorites: rose, myrtle, violet, and many sweet spicy and aromatic gums. Spikenard was said to be a favorite as well, thought it has been thought by some that the ancient plant so dearly treasured was actually the lavender that we know today.

In ancient times lavender was know for its medicinal qualities as well, calming the nerves and restoring proper tone when they became lax. Lavender was also a popular remedy for feminine issues.

Lord Bacon stated that lavender’s sweet odor contributed to health by refreshing the spriits, and causing cheerfulness.

How to make Lavender Water

Lavender Water.
Put two pounds of lavender pips into two quarts of water, put them into a cold still, and make a slow fire under it; distil it off very slowly, and put it into a pot till you have distilled all your water ; then clean your still well out, put your lavender water into it, and distill it off slowly again, and put it into bottles and cork it well.

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