Closing In On Us – The Super Moon Series

by Lou Raedwulfe

The super moon that happened on on March 19th has become pretty well known by now. The scientific community has its critics and contends that no earthquakes or tsunamis happened on that exact date, however, psychics and astrologers tend to disagree with their views.

When the moon comes this close to the Earth, both science and astrology contend that the effects will continue of the next few weeks.

Moon and Emotion

The moon has strong effects on human emotions, their psychical state, as well as, plants and animals and the impact is also reflected in the relationships that planets have with each other. An very good example of this is when Mercury goes retrograde while moving into the sun sign Aries.

Mercury Retrograde

Many people are aware of the effect Mercury can have when it goes retrograde on emotions, clear thought and understanding. With Aries in the picture, we can expect jumbled communications at the individual and world levels resulting in even more explosive, disruptive chaos because of the intensity of the planet arrangement, as well as, the moon much closer than normal.

Pluto, too, brings its force of transformation through destruction to bear as well. The Plutonian effect has been all too apparent throughout North Africa and the Middle East; old ways and rigid governments begin to topple and the voices of the people grow louder. With the passion and emotion that the moon’s presence heightens, these upheavals promise to grow stronger. In an ironic twist, even the nuclear crisis in Japan mirrors the Pluto’s strength and the moon’s tidal impact. Pluto is the planet that rules nuclear devices and all that is related to them.

When Will It All Be Over?

The long-term impact of the season of the super moon commenced before March 19th and will continue through the end of April. Much as the silver orb waxes and wanes, so too does the impact of lunar energy, gravity and pull of the ebb and flow during this time.

Just because there was no huge event on exactly March 19th, does not make astrologers incorrect and expert scientists correct. The many expert scientists who said nothing would happen were incorrect and once again astrology was able to predict a major event during this time frame.

The super moon arrived with the potential for increased negative weather, geological changes and political upheavals; they all did arrive during this time period in full force as history will show astrologers and psychics were correct in their predictions.

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