The Meaning of Spring Equinox – Springing Forward

The spring equinox is just around the corner, with this year’s spring equinox falling, or shall we say “springing up” on March 20th. This celestial event means “equal night”, the point in time when daylight and night are of equal length.

Most of us are happy to greet this time of year. We catch a little spring fever, experience more energy, and are more prone to start new projects in the spring. We’re also ready for a fresh start, renewing our homes with spring cleaning.


The equinox and solstice full moons are prominent markers that signify change. While we do reach this point of equality or balance we do not stay in that place for very long. We strive within our own lives to find balance, but again we rarely stay in that seemingly perfect place. While we may look at balance as our goal we actually reap the greatest rewards in the midst of the process or journey. We have desires, and that gets our mind working toward creating something new. We face challenges, and that allows us to recognize our strengths.

Spring Forward

Spring certainly is associated with happy feelings. There is a sense of awakening, and it’s hard to resist that feeling when we see life re-emerging all around us. Even the man-made shifting of the clocks mimics the life-embracing feeling as we “spring forward” as opposed to “falling back”.

A Time To Awaken

Life is amazing in the sense that we have so many little moments, given to us one at a time, but we also have the consciousness and memory to string those moments together. This opposing force we could call “a lifetime of nows” is far from balanced: we can so easily detach ourselves from the experience of this moment. Our memories can ignore some details while overemphasizing other points simply to give us a satisfactory perception.

Spring gives us the chance to begin again, or at least renew ourselves. We look at the world around us, seeing life bursting forth in flora and fauna, and use this as a sign to reawaken ourselves spiritually. This is far from new to us, and in religious circles the renewal of the spirit and rebirth of the soul has long been referred to as “being reborn”.

Spring Equinox

Our present day calendar begins our new year on January 1st, but in times past the new year was celebrated at the spring equinox. What better time to add a little spring in our steps! This is a wonderful time to celebrate our ability to shift our consciousness back into a place of rediscovery and grow even more in wisdom as we blend our now moments into our lifetime.

Estee Taschereau is the founder of and the Author of Being Here Now, a simple and fun guide to living life more completely by being in the moment.  Individual spiritual focus sessionsare available via skype or phone to discover your own divine path and purpose.

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