Full Moons and Spiritual Wisdom – A Divine Spotlight?

How much power is held by our full moons?  We’ve heard stories of lunacy, in fact the word lunacy and the implied “madness” is directly related to the moon, our lunar wonder.  We hear conversations about someone’s weird day or restless night, but is it the moon that influences those awkward shifts, or are we throwing needless blame on something outside ourselves?

There are some who feel inspired by a full moon, tapping into the lunar cycle as a source of conscious creativity.  When we think about it, though, isn’t a full moon, or any part of a moon cycle, only just a matter of positioning?  Still we appreciate our full moon.  It is the time when we receive the most of its reflective light. We could say its the time when the moon is giving us its best, even if it is unintentional.  It’s just a rock that has no choice in its rotation, and it can’t help but reflect the light that shines upon it.

We still tie the moon to our own thoughts and inspirations.  Is the moon something that is “given to us” by some divine source as a stepping stone toward our own consciousness and awareness?  It is amazing when you consider that this rock in the sky changes every day, which means it does not so easily become something so familiar that we stop noticing it.

Is it possible that the moon serves us as a divine spotlight? Could it be yet another chance to snap out of our collective sleep-walk through everyday life and re-awaken to the spark that lives within those everyday moments?  It could be nothing more than a prop,  something we use as a springboard into a deeper thought.  We are thinkers, explorers, always seeking to understand and be familiar and find the relation between one thing and another.

No matter what it is, a lump of matter or a sign from some cosmic force, the moon is a wonderful reflective part of our experience here in this world. We can appreciate it for its mere existence, and the light that it brings into the darkest part of our day.

Estee Taschereau is the founder of IntuitiveMeaning.com and the Author of Being Here Now, a simple and fun guide to living life more completely by being in the moment.  Individual spiritual focus sessions are available via skype or phone to discover your own divine path and purpose.

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