The Rosary – Counting Our Blessings

Rosary Beads are fairly commonplace and an important part of the catholic religion. They have been around for hundreds of years, but what do they mean. How do rosary beads play a part in catholic spiritual practices?

A rosary can be described as “prayer beads”. The Catholics are not the only ones who have used beads as a means of counting the repetition of prayers. In eastern religions a mala is used to count the 108 repetitions of a prayer without breaking the focus. By using a mala or rosary you can keep your thinking brain out of the picture, and be more in the flow of divine consciousness, which is one of the unspoken but important parts of any prayer session.

Each bead of the rosary or mala is used for one repetition of the chosen prayer. The beads are grouped in five and ten count, which are said to be symbolic of the life and death of the Christ and other spiritual meanings. More mystical meanings have been added over time by those like St John Paul II to give more depth and importance to the ritualistic act of praying and using a rosary.

What prayers and actions accompany the use of a rosary? Common prayers are “Hail Mary, Full of Grace” and “Our Father, Who Art In Heaven”. The rosary alone is merely a tool for counting. It is combined with the meditative thoughts and reciting of the prayer that gives strength to the act of praying with a rosary.

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