What Does Extra Sensory Mean

In ESP or Extra sensory perception, primary means, i. e our five senses are not used to get information from the other person, instead there are some other means used. Our five senses include tasting see, smelling, hearing and feeling. extra sensory perception is actually mental telepathy and a person is able to increase his mind power over another person by big leaps when he is able to develop extra sensory perception. Information can be exchanged almost at will by possessing this ability and you are also able to influence things which are essential to you if you have this power.

There are several different psychic perceptual categories that extra sensory perception can be divided into clairvoyance, token object, telepathy, remote viewing and reading.

extra sensory perception is used by Psychics and mediums and this is how they are aware about another person’s private information and have the ability to give them advice.

There are many people who can now take advantage from their diligence and determination to develop themselves. Read further to know and understand how you can develop extra sensory perception.

To begin with one needs to know how to work at level of alpha by being alert and establish points of reference in the subjective dimension. Further it is needed that a confirmation of this is done by applying extra sensory perception to solving of problem. At the alpha level you posses the ability to make use of both the brain hemispheres for thinking and that is the main reason why you need to do this at the alpha level. Subjective information is detected by the right brain which is intuitive. You will be able to share information between the two hemispheres of your brain, right and left once you pick up how to enter the alpha level.

Anything which is detected/ perceived by your left brain hemisphere with the objective senses leaves an impression there. And a copy of this is made in the right brain hemisphere. But for many people this does not take place and because of a reason this does not happen.

During our growing years we are more concerned and caught up with the growth of the logical left brain hemisphere, which leaves the right brain hemisphere behind. Hence the development of extra sensory perception, intuition does not take place during our growing years.

In a nutshell in development of extra sensory perception. following things are required: Learn how to function at the alpha level and remain at that level even though you get mentally active. Once this is achieved you can easily transfer information from your right brain hemisphere to your left brain hemisphere.

After this in the subjective dimension you need to set up points of reference. The guide under whom you learn this should be able to guide you on how to set up these reference points in the level of the objective world. Once you achieve this your mind will know on what needs to be done and you shall be able to now do this yourself. Some amount of practice is certainly needed here.

Then you need to do a process of verification by carrying out extra sensory perception to solve problems.

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