What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are being featured in products a lot right now. They can be found advertised on makeup, hair care, lotions and so many other products. If you’ve noticed these “oils” are popping up on store shelves and in your household items but been confused as to why they are called “essential,” and why they are important, then read on! The origins of essential oils will give insight to why we need and want them.

First, in defining what essential oils are it’s important to know that these oils are not new just because they are being promoted in many basic household items. Essential oils have been useful to societies for thousands of years! However, recent research has shown that the usage of these oils may have many benefits; this is why you may see essential oils being featured on products.

There are two different ways to create oils and thus, two types of oils. Regular fragrance oils are created synthetically. Essential oils are always derived from plants naturally. Oils from natural plants must be extracted through either a distilling or expressing process. Water or cold-press is used in the extraction process to remove oil from any part of the plant (i.e. leaves, stems, flower, peel, bark, wood, roots, seeds, resin).

So why should we care if our oils are essential or not? The answer is in the creation process of the oil. Because of the way essential oils are developed, they are highly concentrated and pure.

Furthermore, a regular fragrance oil has the purest portion of the oil “watered down,” making it less effective. You will know a product is not just regular fragrance oil if it specifically states on the packaging or in the contents the words “essential” in describing the oil.

So how can the purity and high concentration of essential oils benefit people? They can be used in many ways. The home is a great place to use essential oils. Living spaces are instantly freshened with only a few drops. Some pests are repelled by dripping drops of essential oils around your home. Essential oils can keep your home clean and maintained without chemicals that can be harsh for children, pets, and the environment.

Essential oils are not only useful at home; they can also be used medicinally. Body function may be improved through the use of certain essential oils. People have been able to ease many medical conditions by topically using essential oils. Those who suffer from allergies should always consult a doctor when using essential oils for healing.

The mind can also benefit from essential oils just as the body does. Certain kinds of essential oils can ease the mind with their strong but calming effects. Mental tension can be released through smelling these essential oils. Because of this, many people use essential oils for stress management.

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