Preparing For The Winter Solstice – Returning To The Light

It is only a few weeks away, the winter solstice. What is the winter solstice, and what is its meaning in our lives? Is there a deeper intuitive meaning, something spiritual about the nature of this single day of the year?

The winter solstice has been a time of prayer and celebration around the world since ancient times. What other means did we have in those ancient times to find our meaning of life, or understand anything about our purpose. Mankind used everything available to gain greater knowledge, knowing through experience that knowledge is power.

In ancient times many of the elements and stars were seen as forces bigger than we. The sun and the moon were honored, and for good cause that science would not confirm for many years to come: the sun gives us life. If the sun is life, and the winter solstice is a day with the least amount of light, is there a message to be found in this celestial event?

Times have changed, and our days of worship have shifted many times over. The sun is still honored by many who seek to bring honor to the earth on which we stand, celebrating life not through honor of ancient gods or superstitious beliefs, but through recognition of life itself.

One point about the solstice, be it winter or summer: it is not purely about the extremes. On the other side of the world, the other hemisphere, the scene is completely different. The solstice may give us two extremes, but when we look on a global level we are always in perfect balance.

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