One World: Crossing Cultures, Connecting Religions and Beliefs

This world we live upon is vast yet is growing in its interconnectivity even more each day. Many cultures today are a mix of new world and old, religion and science, and faith as well as progressive exploration.

Today I find myself in Lake Las Vegas, Nevada for the CEO Space forum. This is a time for business, connecting with resources of all types. Within this business community there is opportunity for growing a business with more support and faster than could possibly be accomplished on your own. This is not a new concept, for we know that the community working together will create a safer, stronger space for business and individuals to flourish. Going further back in time we see the creation of the tribe gathering together, hunting to feed their people and protect all within the tribe.

As I prepared for the start of my event I heard an unusual sound outside my window. I looked out the window past the tiered patios toward the lake and saw a large canoe entering the inlet toward a small beach. A group had gathered, and their leader was chanting a prayer. A Hawaiian blessing was offered, and I will write more later on this event. I walked down to this level to watch and speak to their people. One of the spectators asked me to take their picture, which I graciously fulfilled.

Later I stopped by the large christmas tree within the hotel and spoke with the two young men I photographed earlier that morning. They were here in Nevada, far from their native Cuba. As we spoke of the ceremony we witnessed and the meaning of the blessing we progressed into speaking of the overlap of spirituality in their own country. Their own native culture was interwoven with the spiritual cultures from Africa and with the Catholic beliefs that are so predominant in Cuba today. Being two separate beliefs they as still interwoven, with traces of the Santería from Africa interwoven into the Catholic ceremonies over time. I smiled as I listened, finding connectivity through my own Catholic upbringing.

The day is scarcely past noon, yet today I have seen a connection between a polynesian island, a Caribbean island, my own French heritage, all coming together by a lake in the high desert. We are one world, and today, more than any other time, we have the ability to come together and share our stories with others. Perhaps someday we will see how connected we are, and treat this world as our shared community, bringing together many cultures, beliefs and ceremonies in a voice of blessings and honor.

Estee Taschereau is the editor of, and offers individual mentoring and healing sessions for those who seek greater clarity and inner empowerment.

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