Is There Meaning to the upcoming Winter Solstice and Lunar Eclipse? Part 1 of 2

The time has come for the Winter Solstice on December 21, 2010, a day that could be described as the shortest day of the year.  Time-wise this day is no shorter than any other, only darker.  The darkness can inspire thoughts that are more insightful and deeper than the thoughts we think during the daylight, but when we linger in our own “darkness” this day, or more precisely the darkness, can also seem to go on forever.

A Sign of the Times

What happens when we bring together the winter solstice, the day with the least amount of daylight, and a lunar eclipse?  An eclipse occurs when there is an alignment of sun, moon and earth: it can be no other way.  Even though an eclipse is momentary, it can seem to last forever, taking us into an experience we cannot control. The next total lunar eclipse occurs in 19 years.

Could it be a sign of days to come?  Ever since the beginning of time mankind has read the events in nature and in an attempt to understand the world.  For our own survival, we have looked at those signs as significant on both a physical and spiritual level.  How much of what we “read” into these signs is real or significant?

Animals “read” signs, using this ability for their own survival.  Dogs and cats can become agitated in the days before an event such as an earthquake.  I understand their frustration, being unable to control their own environment and “run away” from possible danger.  When a tsunami approaches the wildlife in the area will abandon their territories and head to higher ground.

We read the movement of animals, especially birds, as  a sign of changes in the weather.  Seeing the migration of birds can give us clues to what we face in the upcoming seasons.  We can look at the sky and say, “tomorrow will be a sunny day” just by looking at the sunset.

Again we get to that question:  Does the winter solstice and a lunar eclipse mean anything to us beyond coincidence?

Cast Into Darkness

Very few of us appreciate such a dark time.  To some these dark days weigh heavily on their mood and their energy.  Our world is not well designed to fit within the seasons and the natural cycles built so strongly into nature.  To have no choice but accept this darkness, and then to take it even deeper by “stealing from us” our limited but precious moonlight from us may appear to be a sign.

Historically mankind has interpreted these signs as a signal from the gods, even carrying it so far as to look at those signals as a indication of wrongdoing and punishment.  Sacred texts throughout the world clearly show us this belief that our actions will lead to dramatic consequences.  How quickly we run to our alters and give sacrifice, trying to make things better, only today we call it “cause and effect” and the “law of attraction”.

Tomorrow we will look more closely at the interpretation of light and dark, our perceptions, and how the darkness is a gift, not an ominous sign of the times as we continue our look at the Winter Solstice and Lunar Eclipse here at

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