Know The Seven Laws Of Spiritual Success And Create Wealth

Renowned speaker and M.D. Deepak Chopra, founder of the Chopra Center for Well Being, has authored fifty-five books on achieving health through mind and body wellness. Merging the concepts of spirituality and body, Chopra has written a book where he presents The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. By implementing these laws, every person can lead a life of happiness and success.

1. The Law of Pure Potentiality

Chopak’s law of pure potentiality tells us that we are all pure energy, unbound consciousness. Because we are energy, we are also full of the potential to be anything. This energy binds us together, intertwining every piece of matter in the universe. It is the force of life, penetrating and surrounding everything. You can do anything, be anyone. It is this law upon which the others are built. May the force be with you.

2. The Law Of Giving

This law is really about giving and receiving. The energy of the world must continually flow, otherwise it becomes stagnant. That is not to say that you have to give your money to every vagabond you meet, or let your sister have your pearl earrings. It does mean that you should have a kind word, a smile, an understanding glance, for everyone that you meet – passing on the swine flue does not count.

3. The Law Of Karma

Karma is an age-old idea that basically, what goes around comes around. With karma, when you put positive energy out into the world, then positive energy returns to you. So the next time you are so self-involved that you cut someone off in traffic, be afraid, be very afraid. Because sometimes what you send out to the world, can come back to you stronger, and it might not be your car that gets cut off.

4. The Law Of Least Effort

Always choose the path of least resistance, when you can do so in a positive way. If you are in the grocery store line, and every line you choose seems to be the longest, it takes more energy to repeatedly change lines, to grumble about the delay, and to be unhappy, than to simply wait patiently. Now, this does not mean you should sit in your recliner all day, watching Jerry Springer and scarfing down Pringles. Rather, it is about knowing that through letting life happen without complaint and negativity requires the least effort.

5. The Law Of Intention And Desire

This law, again, begins with the understanding that everything in nature, including our bodies, is made up of energy, binding us together. If you focus on positive intentions and a strong desire, then this goes into the universe as a request, and the universe will answer. This concept is akin to the Law of Attraction, as defined in the bestselling book The Secret. Focus your positive intentions upon an idea or item, and work towards it, and the universe will provide. Now, that is not to say that staring at a picture of a Porsche all day will make it materialize in your garage magically.

6. The Law Of Detachment

Though it is important to focus on positive, desired outcomes, we need also not be too attached to any specific outcomes. If you are too attached, then you end up projecting negative emotions – you find fault in what you have, you doubt your ability to achieve, you covet others – you come from a place of fear. Thus, all that will manifest is more fear, doubt and craving. Instead, detach yourself from the outcome, basking in the idea that our universe will give you what you need. Now, if you are crazy in love with the girl next door, to the point of peeking through her windows all day, checking your mail every hour in the hopes of running into her, you may need more than the law of detachment. You need help – maybe a shrink, or even a restraining order.

7. The Law Of Dharma

The final law is the Law of Dharma, with “dharma” being the ancient Sanskrit word for “purpose in life.” Here, we must recognize that each of us has a special gift to share with the world. Dharma tells us that we each must discover our true Self, find a way to express our own special talents, and use our talent to serve mankind. Your purpose might be to heal people, write a great American novel, save the whales – whatever it is, through discovering your purpose, will you experience a more fulfilling life.

These Seven Spiritual Laws of Success can help you focus your positive energy in a way that brings all you need for success and happiness. Understand your role in the universe, and how to use your thoughts and energy to benefit people, and in the end you will find that what you want is in perfect sync with what the universe has in store for you. Remember, the universe wants you to have that new ride, so don’t sweat it. Just be positive, live your life on purpose, and your wildest dreams may just come true.

You can take advantage of The Seven Laws Of Spiritual Success to start shifting your thinking to be able to obtain completely distinct results. However, you still need to be in the right environment. This author recommends visiting The Seven Laws Of Spiritual Success blog post to see how you can apply these principles to create financial freedom.

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