Are Odd Numbers More Lucky?

Is there any truth to the idea that odd numbers are more lucky? The evidence is there, tucked away in ancient writings, superstitions, and beliefs. The secret, if there is a secret, is finding how to use this information in our day to day life. Will a choice made based upon a number give you the edge on luck?

The appearance of numbers in a symbolic sense goes back to creation and genesis: for the world is said to be created in 7 days. The walls of Jerico were seven times. There are seven notes in music, as well as seven prismatic colors. There are seven major body chakras, or energy centers, as well.

What about the number three? Jonah was in the belly of a whale for three days. Jesus rose from his tomb in three days, and the image of God created in man consists of three parts: the body, soul, and mind. The sacred Trinity has three parts: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Three is the first number that signifies unity and connectivity, one that I see as the true number for any relationship.

What about the number nine? This number actually surpasses the number seven, at least in biblical references. It is thought that every nine years there is a great change in any person’s life, but with the number seven we have the “seven year itch”. The number nine, squared, gives us the grand climacteric. The eleventh chapter of Heydon’s Holy Guide, speaks of nine: by nine Julius Caesar called up spirits and did what he pleased; that Galleron, by nine, went invisible. In olden days in England the afflicted were dipped nine times for nine successive mornings. Let’s not forget that cats have nine lives, certainly bringing them great luck, though for a cat to cash in on any of those nine lives they must first start with a tragic ending of one of those lives. How lucky is that?

Let’s look for a moment at the number 13. In the Mayan Calendar the number 13 is considered to be not just lucky but magical. I enjoy situations with the number 13, especially when viewing the day through the MayanDailyInsights, from an intuitive standpoint. On the other hand, the number 13 is feared in other cultures, especially when paired with a Friday, and for a 13th person to appear at the dinner table it was thought that one at that table would die. If we parallel that thought with biblical reference, we did have Jesus and the 13 apostles at that last supper, adding up to 13 in attendance.

It’s not exclusively odd numbers that have been noted time and time again. Moses spent 40 days on the mount, Jesus spent 40 days enduring the temptations. There were twelve apostles, and twelve tribes. Calendars throughout time have had a varied number of months and days in those months, yet now we settle with the twelve month calendar.

Whether its a good omen or bad, we can count our lucky stars at the very least for our ability to see that there are signs all around us, and the secret to success is knowing how to read the signs for discovery and choice. As I see it, it is not the number that empowers, it is our interpretation and use of the information that counts.

Estee Taschereau, author and spiritual interpreter, has shared intuitive and spiritual insights through venues such as and MayanDailyInsights. Transformational healing and next-step reading sessions are available via phone or Skype, by appointment.

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