Own a Little Bit of Heaven – Astrology Monopoly!

Who in the industrial world today has not heard of the game monopoly? This game began back in 1934 very similar to what we know as the basic Monopoly game. You roll the dice, get to move a certain number of spaces, and if you had the money you could buy the property. If you didn’t have the money the landing was simply a move around the board, but if someone else owned the property, well, you owed them.

Today there are dozens of Monopoly games. I remember back in the days when the cities appeared on the market. Then the Star Wars trilogies were the big thing and – bam – Star Wars Monopoly appeared.

Since those days numerous new versions have come onto the marketplace. One that caught my attention was Night Sky Monopoly. Okay, we all know the original game. Yes, the board is the same, yes the same rules apply. I like that I can buy Halley’s Comet, Jupiter, Earth or the Moon. Donald Trump, you’ve got some competition!

Let’s face it, we can’t be all serious all the time. Let’s get out the game board, toss in a little cosmic awareness, and have a great relaxed evening with our family or our friends, or both if you really want to be adventurous!

If you want to take it to the max you can also hunt down a copy of Astronomy Monopoly, but this one is a little more expensive and harder to find, but well worth it!

Dennis Finn combines metaphysical with playfulness by bringing consciousness and intention into the games he plays. He’s also an advocate of holistic health and pure foods.

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