Mother Tara, Green Buddha Mother

Om Tara the mantra for cosmic protection from all evil ~

Written by the creator of this video:

* Om Tare Tu Tare Ture Soha *

This is the mantra of beautiful Green Tara, mother of all the Buddhas. The meaning as taught by teacher Gyalten Rinpoche is ” Om swiftly Pierce, Smash & Pierce, Swiftly Subdue obscurations, remove obstacles & fears & swiftly subdue obscurations & bad karma allowing good fortune to arise.”

Green Tara is a powerful protector for women and her mantra instantly brings about positive change! The original tune was composed by Gyalten Rinpoche and adapted by Surya. Tashi Delek! May you experience extraordinary Good Fortune!

Editorial comment: This song is inspirational, based on a mantra or prayer. By tradition a mantra is repeated 108 times in a meditative, non-thinking state of being. Tara, the Green Buddha Mother, is a strong, supporting spirit of the planet, often thought of as the earth itself.

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