Building The Bridge Between Religion and Spirituality

One of the greatest battles we have faced in this world throughout our history is the fight between our beliefs as they have been scribed, translated, and interpreted.  Many religions have risen, many have fallen.  Sacred texts have been found around the world, and far too many have been destroyed.

In our attempts to hold what we have individually been taught as sacred we have struggled with understanding and accepting the beliefs of others. I remember the words of a Chehalis tribe elder who has taught within his tribe, and has studied shamanism and religion, old and new, found around the world.  He stated that the words may change, but the message is the same. Today we continue to learn about honor, compassion, and acceptance of both our similarities and differences. 

As for myself, I grew up in a catholic household.   I was expected to attend church every Sunday, and to follow along with the practices of the church.  In my early adult years I believe I surprised my family by becoming a minister. While she loved me dearly I know my mother never accepted my choice to follow my own path.  Women were not allowed to be priests in the catholic church, but had that choice been open I still would not have taken that direction. My affiliation is non-denominational, or as I view it, Omni-denomination, honoring all.

I have a strong belief in spirituality, and any church will make this claim.  Where is the line drawn?  It is clear that there is a line, as we have historically seen.  In my view my own spirituality focuses on metaphysical abilities, those of clear seeing, knowing, feeling, hearing and others.  The metaphysical terms are clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, intuition, and other terms. Talking to spirits?  We are all spirit.  Good and evil?  We all make a choice, and with awareness and freewill we are able to choose who and what we follow, whether the message comes from the embodied or the spirit world.  Fear?  It’s time we get over it.

As a spiritual practitioner, counselor, and teacher I bring teachings from many religions, cultures, and times into my offerings.  Meditation is a big word in the metaphysical world, and it is akin to the state of mind and shift within the brain when one is deep in prayer.  My favorite prayer is the lords prayer.

I found this video as I was searching for an audio clip of the Lords Prayer in Finnish, a part of my heritage.  I was delighted to find this 13 language video presentation, beautifully spoken, with images of the text in each language. I quietly listened, and felt a state of calm attention and peace within myself for the six minutes of this video.  Why 13 languages?  I smile, for the number 13 is a sacred and magical number in the Mayan calendar.  Yesterday was 4 Ahau, the Light or Lord in the Mayan calendar, bringing the message of universal support for us in all aspects of our world and our lives. What a wonderful lead into this day:  Today is 5 Imix, the origin, the worldly beginning, and the number five is the step into greater spiritual awareness.

I hope you find this video to be as enjoyable as I have.  The languages included in speaking of the Lord’s Prayer are Ancient Greek, Chinese, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Old English, Quenya, Sindarin, Spanish.  I do not know the name of this translator but I thank her nonetheless for sharing such a beautiful presentation.

Blessings and peace to one and all.

Estee Taschereau, editor of

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