The Story of the Sun and the Moon

Since the beginning of time the sun and the moon have been the topic of stories. Symbolically they both hold great meaning. The sun nourishes us, illuminating our lives. The moon gives us reflective insight, expanding and diminishing in the most time honored cycle.

story of the sun and the moonThe sun and moon are symbolic as well of the psychological differences that occur in every human being.

We are attracted to the safety of the mother moon, a place where we care for ourselves and renew.

We strive to achieve in the spirit of the solar light that drives us forward.

Can we combine the world of mythology and psychology in a way that is both intriguing as well as insightful and healing?

Through the Psychological Astrology series, Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas team up to offer a look at our world of relationships, and guide us to greater recognition of the roles both play in our lives.

In the Luminaries: The Psychology of the Sun and Moon in the Horoscope, we delve into the world of the sun and the moon as we explore our own lives and the interactions we create within ourselves and with others.

Those who take an interest in astrology will find this book intriguing. This book assumes you have some knowledge of astrology, and expands into the Jungian astrology train of thought, delving into the placement of the sun and moon in charts. There is some complexity, but this means that your interaction with the concepts in this book can entertain you for more than just an evening or a weekend.

Again, this is not for beginners in astrology, but for those who seek to expand their consciousness through their astrology skills.

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