What Does “Intuitive” Mean?

What exactly does intuitive mean? Is it founded in the mystical imagery of the old world carnival with crystal balls and tarot? Is intuitive abilities something that exists only in a few, found only in a place far removed from our day-to-day world?

Thirty years ago we experienced a shift in our use of the word intuition. Greater emphasis was placed on our own abilities, though limitations still existed. Women were thought to have the intuitive or gut level feelings, but little credibility was placed on their insights. Men were not given such an illogical outlet, but those same abilities could be woven in to business savvy or the ability to create ingenious inventions.

What exactly is intuition? The dictionary gives us many containers to hold this esoteric concept. Intuition is thought to be the ability to have information or awareness without conscious thought. What we are really talking about is knowing something without evidence.

Intuition does not always make sense. We may have a feeling, or just an image without explanation. Intuition alone does not make gain. We have to interpret our perceptions, but interpretation is based on our own experience. Finding a meaning that is the closest to truth has fueled our growth and philosophic adventures since the beginning of time.

The million dollar question with any intuitive awareness is its meaning. What is the meaning of any of our life events? The great philosophers such a Plato, Augustine, Quine, and others have offered us perspective, opening the door to the depth of our spiritual experience of life and living.

Science holds for us the evidence we need to show that what is seen is only a small portion of what exists. Studies in quantum physics shows us the connection we have in our thoughts, with the evidence limited only by the methods we use to measure. We can look into a drop of water and find the universe contained within. Can we look into a soul and see yet another universe?

What does our intuitive ability do for us? Intuition is a form of awareness, giving attention to life through a very personal observation. By assigning meaning to our visions we can grow, expanding our consciousness and opening the doors to a creativity that goes far beyond our beliefs.

Of the many philosophies in the world today, how do you find what is the right direction? Many tools exist to help us gather and weave our own personal knowledge and knowledge, ranging from individual intuitive sessions to classes and books. There are many directions we can take, and every step can contain intuitive meaning. For more articles on awareness and direction visit intuitivemeaning.com

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