The Equinox: Is Life Really All That Equal?

Another equinox is before us, one of only two days in an entire year when the light and the darkness are balanced.  What does this mean, is there some intuitive meaning to the spring or fall equinox, or is it just a tilt of the planet while it spins aimlessly through space?

The elements of the earth can be very powerful, and today with our technology and advancements in science we still cannot stand up to the disruption of a planetary shift.  For centuries mankind has strived to understand the earth cycles and the elements of nature. Looking back we might say that we mistakenly overwrote the simplicity of respect with adoration and worship for the gods of the sun and the stars.

While we have grown to greater understand of both our world and ourselves, when we look around we still see so many caught in the wave of icon or idol adoration, attracted to the “stars” of the moment, watching and emulating their moves.  We create our own beliefs and perceptions of value and power, and then we seek outward what we perceive to be the most powerful, even if that power originated in ourselves.

Why do we create such imbalances in life?  It’s all about energy, or movement to be more precise.  Life is rarely in balance, let alone equal, and it is this way by design.  When we look at a snapshot of ourselves we rarely see our own beauty or power.  Power is an expression, it is movement and action.  Were we to be so comfortable in our own lives we would be less likely to open the door and wander outside.

The equinox, both spring and fall, are two days out of the year when the light and the darkness are in balance.  Looking at our own lives, how often are we ever in complete balance?  We’re heading in a good direction these days, talking about those things in life that need attention, learning how to let go, rejuvenate and restore.  There are also those who take advantage of our sense of inner preservation and desire to improve and express ourselves by telling us that we need some medication to live the good life, or strip us of our choices for our own good: that is wrong, blatantly wrong.  We are here to experience life, see the many options, and make choices based on our own truths and beliefs. We are here to live 363 days out of the year in the ebb and flow, sometimes going to the extreme for the sake of living and learning.

The Equinox: Is Life Really All That Equal? Not at all, thank goodness, and vive la différence.

Author Estee Taschereau is the editor of, and offers a limited number of one-to-one sessions that help you to step outside of our day-to-day perceptions and into the levels of consciousness where we create, find purpose, and restore ourselves.  Reawaken your divine self!  Sessions can be scheduled for phone or Skype consultations, by appointment.

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