Feng Shui for Love and Prosperity – The Meaning of Colors with Emotions

Feng Shui goes in so many directions, but it all ties together. It’s about the flow of energy, whether it is blocked or flowing, escaping or accumulating.

There are many factors to consider in using Feng Shui. This video presents some very interesting ideas that give meaning to the concepts of Feng Shui in relation to Chi energy flow.

Colors tie into emotions, and emotions can be expressed in both positive and negative ways. We carry our emotions into everything in life. When we talk about Feng Shui for Love and Prosperty, we can ask many questions: what colors are the best expression of attraction and love? How can I enhance those emotional directions within my home to create or attract love?

Feng Shui for Love and Prosperity – Mystical Interior Design and Architecture 1/3 meditation- “feng shui” mystical.

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