The Historic Story Of Giving Flowers

No tradition helps in communicating human emotions in a more effective manner than gifting flowers or bouquets. People often step into a florist shop to purchase flowers for all occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, to wish well to someone, to apologize, or just to make a person happy.

It is believed that this custom has origins in prehistoric traditions whose conclusive proof has been dug up by archaeologists at excavation sites. History, myths and tales dating back to ancient China, Greece, Rome and Egypt show flowers to be an integral part of social customs. In these civilizations, it was thought that emotions could find their most suitable expression through the giving of flowers. Greek mythology is filled with identification of certain flowers that were believed to be representations of gods and goddesses.

The custom of gifting flowers passed down to the Middle Ages, with the French and the English keeping the tradition strong. The modern tradition of assigning a meaning to each flower is believed to have been imported to Europe after the French and the British witnessed it in Turkey.

Flower gifting acquired much prevalence among the Victorians who greatly indulged in this custom. Exhibiting feelings in words and before everybody was not considered as good manners during the Victorian era, and hence people used subtle means to demonstrate their feelings in the form of presenting flowers or bouquets.

The Victorians came up with many rules for gifting flowers or bouquets and stuck to them with great zeal. For example, if you purchased an elegant bouquet of red roses from the florist and presented it to your beloved upside down, she will surely be angry with you. Red roses, that otherwise depict love, can symbolize anger if gifted upside down. In fact, a large number of books were printed and circulated on the language of flowers.

This custom continues till the present day, where people gift flowers to others to express their feelings. In the modern age, the tradition of gifting flowers or bouquets is ripe with different meanings, and do’s and don’ts concerning the decorum of the act have gained paramount importance. A beautifully presented bouquet of red roses is said to express love while lilies represent purity and grace. A single marigold flower is considered to be an expression of sorrow, while friendship is best expressed by a yellow coloured rose.

The history of gifting flower continues as time passes by.There were times that a woman giving flower to a man is very improper. Now, it is very ordinary. Virtual flowers and Internet florists provide new means to deliver virtual or true flowers anywhere in the world. Through advancement of science and technology, flowers can now easily bloom all year-round.

Science today has helped us to grow all kinds of flowers anywhere across the globe. Any good Singapore flower shop will offer a plethora of flower varieties that are both local and imported in nature, and are suitable for communicating your deepest feelings in the most elegant manner.

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