The Secret in Think and Grow Rich

In 1937, when Think and Grow Rich was first published, Napoleon Hill set his readers quite an interesting problem because he embedded a secret within its pages. Actually, the secret was in two parts; and one part he reveals openly in the work, but the other has continued to be a mystery that has perplexed readers of the book ever since.

When I first read the book myself, over twenty years ago, I can say that I was probably not ready to receive the secret. Needless to say, I didn’t. However, many years later, I was motivated to reread the book and, still, the secret did not leap out of its pages and stand before me as the author suggested it would when the time was right.

So I began to do a bit of research: you know, Google is your friend – right? Well, the results of that research were that whilst many people claimed to know the secret, generally there seemed to be quite a bit of disagreement about what it was. It made me think that perhaps there was no such secret at all and that I was probably just wasting my time.

But then, a thought struck me. Hill says in the book that people like Henry Ford, Alexander Graham Bell and John D Rockefeller had all used the secret to acquire their wealth, so I figured that I might be able to get some insight into the secret by studying how these people had become wealthy. But alas, I was not able to find a common theme that might suggest they were all applying the same principle.

A friend of mine told me that he thought the secret was entirely subjective. He said that people had to figure it out for themselves; and that, he said, was why Hill had not specified anything in particular. In the end, the secret boiled down to pretty-much anything the individual believed it to be.

However, one day, it actually happened: I realized what the secret was. Just as Napoleon Hill had said, I recognised it and instantly knew it to be true; and I also realized why Hill had decided to hide it within the pages of the book in plain sight ” so to speak. Now that I know the secret, the big question is: will it make me rich? After all, that is the subject of the book.

The secret is definitely having a positive effect in my online marketing and on the results I am now getting, so things are moving the right way. Now that I know the secret, I can see it being applied by other people; and some of them have been very successful at it too. I can well believe it has been directly responsible for creating significant wealth for very many people and I think it can also work for me.

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