Is Numerology A Tool For Defining Who We Are?

Editor’s comments at Intuitive Meaning:

This video gives a tremendous amount of information on numerology and the significance and power of your name as well as your birthdate.

The system of numerology is ancient, and this practice has lived on through many cultures, still used by many today. Can we find strong connectivity and intuitive meaning for our life by reducing our name or birthdate down to a single digit?

Everything we find in life is here as a tool for our personal exploration and evolution. Numerology can certainly lead you into focusing on your own qualities, seeing how those qualities are a strength as well as how those qualities can be an area to refine for greater life balance.

I’ve used numerology as a gateway to test my commitment to new ideas by delving into the the name vs the number: seeing if the name and the number support each other in meaning, and discovering the beliefs within myself that are exposed as I examine this name and number relationship. The decisions I then make do come from my own better judgment, centered around the question, “will this direction accomplish what is intended?”, but the tools I use to reach that point, such as numerology, all support me to find greater clarity.

Looking for a good reference book to help you understand numerology and the intuitive meaning behind names and numbers? The Complete Idiot’s Guide Numerology Workbook is a popular choice!

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