De-Bunking Psychic Myths

Many people still believe that to get an accurate reading it is better to tell the psychic reader as little as possible about your own situation or problem. As if testing the reader to prove they are as good as they think by unearthing a fact or problem they couldn’t possibly have known in normal circumstances. When requesting a “general reading” a few genuinely only want an overview of their life and its direction, most people are really seeking the answer to a question that they don’t want to ask and try to hide.

For an Origin Psychic, a psychic reading is fundamentally a form of divination – the person having the reading seeks understanding and guidance about a particular time or situation in their lives where their knowledge has reached a limit or boundary.

We seek to go beyond our own individual perception, into the shared consciousness, to bypass our conscious rational mind, and to access that amazing resource.

But for this to work properly we need a question, it’s that simple. It is as if you are standing at the rim of your understanding – you need the beacon of light to know which way forward to go. The question posed is the trigger to setting the process into motion which will allow the reader to explore, together with you, the options that will unfold, the back-beat of your situation, what motivates you and what solutions are available to start to iron out the creases.

Your question supports you to relax and be receptive to the flow of knowledge which will unfold in your reading. It’s an act of trust, and actually allows your reader to really consciously enter into the unknown with you – quite the opposite to popular belief! So the next time you have a reading, really ponder your question. Even if it’s as open-ended as a question about your direction, you will be helping to set in motion a truly wonderful flow of psychic energy and knowledge.

How do you get the best result from a  psychic reading? In this feature Cathy Cox tells you how an Origin Psychic uses best practice for you.

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