Spotlight on White Lotus Day

White Lotus Day is a little known day of remembrance of one of the most public speakers on spirituality in the 1800’s. The openness of discussion on metaphysical and spiritual subjects is only beginning to blossom in the world today. Wars have been fought to preserve old ways and diminish the independent thinking and growth the the people.

One of the Societies that has encouraged recognition of spirituality was known of as the Theosophy Society. This organization was founded in 1875, and one if its founders was the psychic Madame Blavatsky.

The lotus flower begins its journey in the mud, and must travel through the water to reach the air and sunlight. Lotus flowers do not open until warmed by the sun, and many use this thought in their meditative thoughts.

Lotus flowers were honored and treasured in ancient times, both for their beauty and their symbolic or intuitive meaning. The seed of a lotus flower contains perfectly formed leaves, like a mini version of its source. Mankind is seen as the same, a walking representation of its higher source.

Madame Blavatsky actually suggested to her friends that they gather on the day of her death to share readings from favored texts. Thus began White Lotus Day, a day of honor every May 8th, the day of Madame Blavatsky’s death.

The Lotus flower holds great symbolic meaning, as a symbol of the universe; the combination of water and fire in a yin yang balance; and the crown chakra, found at the top of the head, is often described as a lotus flower.

Should we celebrate the date of a spiritual teacher’s death? I feel the concept of celebration of White Lotus Day was intended not to honor one, but to honor all, and to bring focus from the day-to-day illusions into the light, just as the lotus flower traverses the waters to reach the surface, where it can spread its petals in the warmth of the sun and displays its own beauty.

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