Dreams Of Drowning

For over 50 years of interpreting dreams, I cannot think of a single person for whom I have interpreted dreams or had conversations about dreams with who hasn’t at least dreamt once of a dream of drowning.

To more clearly understand drowning or near drowning dreams, you must first understand much of what WATER represents, not only in drowning dreams but dreams as a whole.

Clean, Clear Water Clean, clear water represents God, the Holy Spirit, forgiveness, compassion, purity of heart, physical and spiritual cleansing. Yet, in some dreams water is symbolic of obstacles, challenges and tests. In this type of dream, the width of the area of the water determines the time frame or how long the challenge will last. The depth of water determines the degree of difficulty the test, obstacle, challenge or setback will be.

In most dreams involving drowning, the challenge or test that caused the dream pertains to emotional, material, health and or unanswered spiritual questions. Although it is not unusual for dreams of drowning to overlap into our personal and financial lives as a result of problems or situations that we are trapped in and can find no answer or solution.

One of the major reasons for the dreamer to have dreamed that he is drowning, under water or being pulled under water physically helpless to reach the surface represents a struggle involving the dreamer’s family, health, relationship, career, job or finances that is materializing in the dream depicted in the dreamer as the act of drowning. In the same way, emptiness, sorrow, remorse, self-pity, grief, loneliness, escape, giving up, depression, abandonment, emotional stress and a lack of spirituality often results in the dreamer experiencing dreams of drowning.

For The Christian: Christians and non Christians alike can experience dreams of drowning for the same reasons. But for the whole, the normal faith-based Christian has dreams different than the above mentioned, which represents an entirely different and unique set of challenges. Challenges involve blessings and gifts that God wants to bestow upon His people. Often, the blessing or gift will be determined by how cleanly or to what degree the dreamer comes out victorious through and after the end of the challenge or test of faith shown in the dream.

In the same way, as with a non Christian, the Christian can also experience dreams of drowning because of backsliding, temptation or falling back into a bad relationship or an old habit and the dream of drowning is symbolic of God calling the Christian to repentance.

For the dreamer to dream he is drowning somehow managing to pull himself up to the surface by his own strength and resolve represents that despite the magnitude of the obstacle, problem or pressure he is feeling or facing, he will find an answer or solution by his faith in God, find his way back, resolving the problem, thereby taking back his life.

To Dive Into Clean Clear Water, to dive into clear water and the dreamer can see the bottom represents spiritual strength, stability, a self starter, creative thinker, foresight and the ability to plan ahead.

To Dive Into Dirty Murky Water For the dreamer to dive into dirty or murky water where he cannot see the bottom represents someone too headstrong, illogical who acts with abandon, and this dreamer does not think ahead or plans ahead for the future. The message of the dream is a reality check for one who is quite self-centered, prideful, selfish, thinking only of himself, what he wants, not thinking to consider others or their feelings.

For the dreamer to dream he is drowning or under the water or being pulled under Dirty or Murky water in a dream represents that he is involved in one or more of the following: guilt, deceit, lies, illusion, betrayal, back stabbing, gossip, secrets, manipulation of someone, sexual bondage/addiction, bad habits, or a hidden agenda and the guilt or the fear of being found out is surfacing in his dream life in the form of him drowning or nearly drowning in a dream.

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