Seeing How God Blesses Our Lives

Not too long ago I heard a story that made me laugh. It’s about a woman who had three wealthy sons that wanted to do something special for her 80th birthday. They appreciated all the love she had given them and the hard work she had done to bring them up.

The oldest son said to his two brothers, “I just bought a house for Mom’s birthday. It’s exactly what she’s always wanted for her dream home.”

The second son said, “Well, I bought her a Mercedes in her favorite color.”

The third son, knowing how Mother had loved to read her Bible, said, “Well I can top both of those gifts. I bought her a parrot that can quote the entire Bible. It took people twelve years to train this bird to do that.”

When her birthday came, each son gave his gift to their mother, and of course, she loved them all. She wrote each of her sons a note to show her appreciation. The note to her oldest son said, “Son, I love the new house. Thank you so much for the thoughtful gift.”

To the second son she wrote, “Thank you for the car. It’s just great to be able to have a dependable vehicle and one that is so nice. I couldn’t imagine having that wonderful of a vehicle ever in my life.”

The mother’s note to the youngest son said, “Thanks for the chicken. I really enjoyed the meal.”

Well, that lady just did not see that parrot for what it really was, did she? Sometimes we do that. We just do not see things for what they really are. I wonder how many blessings we have missed because we did not have the right perspective, or perhaps we were not waiting expectantly to see the blessings.

Luke chapter two tells us of an amazing story. God promised Simeon that he would not be taken until he had witnessed the Messiah. Eight days following the birth of Christ, Mary and Joseph took baby Jesus to the temple, and Simeon was there waiting.

When Simeon saw the baby Messiah he knew right away who He was. He picked up Jesus and sang praises to the Lord. He knew that God had kept his promise and that he could now go home to be with the Lord.

Simeon waited on the Lord, and when time for the blessing came he was ready. This causes me to ponder how many times I may have missed out on a tremendous blessing because of my own lack of readiness.

I challenge you as you go through this week to ask God each day, “God, help me to see what you have for me. Help me not to miss the blessing. Help me to see things for what they really are in Your sight and recognize Your goodness and Your greatness.” I guarantee if you will do that, you will see blessings like you have never seen before.

Dr Ann Shorb has extensive experience working with a diverse client base as a counselor. In addition she also does professional speaking and writing. Her website includes several puppet skits that she has written for use in children’s ministry.

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