Giant-Sized Faith

In the Bible we find a famous story about two very different men. One was a huge man, literally a giant, who did not know God. The other was a small young man who knew God, loved God, and aimed to follow God’s calling for his life.

It’s the story of David and Goliath. You know how the story goes. There were two armies camped on either side of a valley. The army of the Israelites: God’s chosen people, the people that loved and served God. The ones for whom He did special miracles and blessings. And on the other side, the Philistines: an army of people who didn’t love God, and didn’t know God, and didn’t want to serve God.

The powerful Philistine army intended to destroy the opposing Israelite army and in their confidence they sent out their seemingly invincible warrior Goliath to challenge the Israelites. His challenge, he would fight anyone the Israelites would send to fight him, with the losing army becoming slaves to the winning army.

I hesitate to say it, but the army of Israel really was not doing so well. In fact, they were just plain scared; until David, a young man with his tremendous faith in God came along. Because you see, David knew something that the other people had forgotten about. David knew that God gives us the power to do whatever we have to do, no matter the circumstances.

David went out to face Goliath without the weapons and the strength that most people would think were necessary to even have a slim chance to come out alive, but David did have complete faith in God. He trusted that despite the odds, God would supply him with everything he needed to win this fight.

You know how the story ends. David beat Goliath because of his unwavering faith. As he approached the giant he said “I come to you not with my strength and might, but in the name of the Lord.” Regardless of what obstacles and challenges you are going through in your life, follow David’s example. Trust God to provide for your needs and leave it up to Him.

How? With faith and trust you will find that God allows things to happen that would otherwise seem impossible. He’ll provide you with the strength that you need. He’ll give you the courage to face these challenges. He can supply any need you have: finances, jobs, peace, calm, friends. He can prevail regardless of the odds.

Dr. Ann Shorb is a professional counselor, speaker, and writer. You can get more information at the website of her ministry, Christian Counseling … Educational Services.

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