Asian Dragon Symbolism

Dragon is one of the most widely accepted imaginary creatures which has been an significant part of the East Asian way of life. The creation of this beautiful creature comes originally from China. The body of dragon is scaly like any other serpent but it also has four legs with big foot and five claws on each claw.

In terms of its physical features the Chinese dragon is quite different from the traditional European dragon which also stands on four legs but is thought to have a negative connotation.

Dragon in China has come to stand for both good and bad as far as Chinese history is concerned. But the fact remains that the dragon has auspicious power when we see the art form or the myths that is related to Chinese dragon.

Another fascinating yet rarely known idea about the Chinese dragon is that it is often taken as the symbol of male which is yang in Chinese. There are a number of other beliefs that the Chinese dragon is meant to symbolize such as the bringer of rain and water in a country that is heavily dependant on agriculture. In general the Chinese had a tendency to ascribing various divine attributes to the dragon.

Did you know that Chinese dragon has a female counter part? Well it’s right and it is called phoenix. But the western people seem to presume that the Chinese have formally adopted Chinese dragon as official symbol. In fact this is totally incorrect.

It is true that the Chinese dragon symbol was used to symbolize the emperor of China in the good old days. In fact throughout the Yuan Dynasty no civilian was even permitted to associate themselves with the symbol of the dragon. The Qing Dynasty however brought the Chinese dragon symbol back into action as it started appearing on the national flag during those times.

From a long time China has been trying very hard to convince the west that the Dragon has no real implication in modern day China as they feel that the western people believe that the Chinese dragon represents a war like situation. Therefore they have been looking for something less threatening and have come up with giant panda as their official symbol.

Chinese Dragon plays an important role in giving ethnic identity to Chinese people even today when some of them feel that they are the descendants of the Dragon and they truly have faith in the powerful symbol. The identification of a nation with an animal is a tendency which started in’70s when the Mongols felt that they have characteristics of wolf and Tibetans felt that they are descendants of monkeys.

The Chinese people still use the Chinese Dragon symbol a great deal even if it is not for religious purpose. The Chinese Dragon today has a special use in China entirely for decoration. The use of Dragon on T-shirts or posters or tattoos or advertisement is a common sight throughout China.

Chinese dragon symbols are becoming increasingly popular in the US and Europe as a tattoo choice. If you have an interest in ancient Chinese characters follow the links herein for more info.

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