Hidden Abilities? Numerology Can Help Locate Them

Numerology is based upon the uniqueness of each of us individually. Almost everything in life can be tied to numbers and mathematics. The same is true with the individual numbers for ourselves based upon the day, month and year of our birth. Our complete name and the mathematical conversion of the letters also contribute to our own numerology. Upon completion of a professional numerology reading, many areas are explored but the following information looks into numerologys core areas.

The day we were born gives us great insight into where we might have hidden talents waiting to reveal themselves. Our actual birth day is one of four core numbers in numerology that also include Life Path, Expression and Hearts Desire. Of the four, our birth day is the least significant but ironically, the most finite. The information provided here can include such things as ambition, will-power and traits like laziness.

Numerology identifies many individual numbers, including one of the most important, your Life Path number. Its basically exactly like it sounds, the path or road youll be expected to take during your lifes journey. It’ll outline some of challenges, as well as opportunities you can reasonably expect to face during your lifetime. A professional interpretation of your Life Path numerology can go into quite of bit of detail.

Another core part of numerology is the Expression number. That number, calculated from our name, gives us insights into our talents, abilities and shortcomings that well very well face for the rest of our lives. From the moment we were born and given an official name, our vibration was written and the music of our soul was put in place. We would be well served to know what that musical score is and the meaning of it.

Hearts Desire is a reveal of what can sometimes be a hidden urge, yearning or desire within our hearts or depths of our soul. In fact, its often referred to as our Soul Urge. Its another one of numerology’s core numbers. Knowing and understanding this number will give us insight into what our core intentions might be regarding our drive or lack of it and how influences effect our life. Our personal environment, job, friends, family and lifestyle are often involved.

Numerology looks at our potential Challenges in life. Those usually vary to some degree depending on our age and numerology provides four Challenge numbers that can dictate what strengths and weaknesses we may be dealing with in a given life period. Challenge One: looks at birth to 30-35. Challenge Two: looks at us up to 55-60. Challenge Three: known as our Main Challenge, looks at potential lifelong challenges. Challenge Four: tells us what to expect from age 60-65 until our death.

There are two more life cycle readings known as the Pinnacle Cycles and the Period Cycles. Like our life challenges, in all likelihood, those will change as we age as well. There are actually many more analogies that numerology can provide and may vary from one numerologist to the next. Some others may also include, Personality, Karma, Hidden Passion, Balance, Subconscious Self and one called the Cornerstone, Capstone and First Vowel.

In conclusion, since it is impossible to change the vibratory powers of each year, the only sensible thing to do is to anticipate them and change your attitude and plans to coordinate with them. It also helps to know that you can coordinate your efforts rather than pull in the opposite directions and accomplish nothing. A simple analogy: if you plan a picnic and it rains, you have to change plans. If the weather report predicts that rainstorm in advance, it is obviously intelligent to change those plans accordingly. The same applies to our life’s plan and forecast, which makes everything easier.

It’s also important to understand that while what is meant to be will come to pass, as we live our lives we arrive at forks in the road which we may opt to explore or simply bypass. Many factors influence our decision to turn to the right or to the left, but which direction we ultimately head in is not always predetermined. In fact, nothing seals our fate. A numerology reading done by a trusted numerologist can give you the kind of information and insight that can set you free.

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