Confucius and Writings of Feng Shui

Most of us have heard the name Confucius, the Chinese philosopher who compiled many works into the books we now know as the “Five Classics”.
One book contained in the “Five Classics” is the Yih King. This book contains teaching in the science of divination or geomancy created by Fuk Hi. The translation for Yih King is “Book of Changes”.

In the Yih King, chapter XIII, it reads: “By looking up in order to contemplate the heavenly bodies, and by looking down to examine into the natural influences of the earth, man may acquire a knowledge of the cause of darkness and light”.

Source: Freebase
Source: Freebase

What exactly is meant by “darkness and light”? Could it refer to the cycle of the planets, meaning day and night? Could it refer to the physical and spiritual, or even the masculine feminine balance? Perhaps it refers to a combination of all three.

Feng Shui is known by other terms as well. There is Ti-li, which means reason or rational, and earth. Ther is k’an-yu, which means canopy and chariot, another reference to earth and sky. In both cases we have the influence of the yin yang, or the basic opposites that comprise our world.

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